Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary breaks record of over 100 rescued dogs from animal testing labs


HARTVILLE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – Over 35 beagles were transported 36 hours from Texas to Wyoming and saved from a lab that tests on animals. This is a record-breaking number for this Wyoming non-profit. More dogs were taken to other rescues.

John Ramer, Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary Executive Director, said these dogs haven’t been outside before and it takes them a while to adjust to being on the ranch. “They don’t know the sound of a TV, music or anything like that. When they get here it’s a sensory overload,” Ramer said.

Ramer said it takes about a week for the dogs to get comfortable on the ranch. This is the first time these dogs interact with all of the smells of the outdoors, each other and people. These beagles are used to associating people with some sort of discomfort. They will get the proper vaccinations and vet care. Then they will learn to socialize with staff and volunteers.

Kindness Ranch partnered with Guardians of Rescue from New York and Priceless Pets from Southern California. Priceless Pets covered the transportation costs of getting all of these dogs to Wyoming. They will also be taking about 45 to 50 dogs back with them. Ramer said over 20 organizations were will to help with this rescue. “For lack of a better phrase, it was mission-critical and almost a crisis situation. If we weren’t able to take the dogs there’s a good chance they would have been euthanized so when it comes down to the wire like that it’s amazing what you can accomplish,” Ramer said.

Ramer added with that much help it would have been hard to keep the lab confidential. “Our mission is to facilitate the transfer from lab life to private life and the best way we can do that is to protect the confidentiality of the labs and have them comfortable releasing to us knowing we won’t release any information. In my opinion, that helps the labs realize there are alternatives to euthanasia,” Ramer said.

Keeping this good relationship with labs helps them rescue more animals. “We are in the business of saving animals so if we have to do that by keeping certain information private that’s a compromise we are willing to take,” Ramer said.

It takes about 45 to 60 days for these beagles to get used to people. Ramer said they will be available for adoption around the holidays.

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