Pet detective helping to find a stolen Yorkie


Anita Maharaj’s is dealing with a loss.

“My parents thought he was with me and I thought he was with them,” she said.

Her dog Milo was nowhere to be found in their house.

“That’s when all hell broke loose,” she said.

Maharaj’s heart just dropped. She spoke with a security guard at her subdivision. Maharaj said he told her he saw Milo walk out the gate. He said he tried to catch the dog but couldn’t.

Maharaj said she began posting Milo’s picture on websites for lost dogs.


“After it took all night to get him on almost every dog site there could be, a lot of people started commenting on it, and a lot of people started saying, ‘Jamie Katz, Jamie Katz, Jamie Katz,'” she said.

Katz is a private investigator for lost and stolen pets. Yep, she’s a pet detective.

Katz said she used her dogs to track Milo but didn’t find him. She then began posting signs. A few days ago she got a call from a guy saying he and another man caught Milo. But they gave him to a woman claiming to be his owner.

“Another car that was pulled over, they said, ‘Is this your dog?’ And the woman said, ‘Yes,'” she said.

Katz said she became a pet detective after being scammed by a company that was supposed to help her find a friend’s cat. She’s at nearly 800 cases in a six-year span. So what’s her success rate?

“We’re at 67 right now, which is really amazing,” she said.

Her next step in this case is more signs of Milo.

Maharaj said this has been a tough time without her Yorkie.

“This is actually the first time he’s gone away and nobody’s seen him,” she said.

Katz said Milo hasn’t been seen since. She believes the woman is possibly responsible. If anyone knows anything about the case, please give them a call at 954-494-0260.

There’s a $2,000 reward for the lost Yorkie.

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